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“ The Music unites", was Marco's way of think. All the artists who met Marco took part in this compilation to get closer to him, again. Together we still believe in a dream: to spread basses, and be free to celebrate with the sound system's spirit. Marco was always able to get us move and to diffuse the energy he had in himself and that's what he leaves in each of us. The Bass power of every single track is strong like the message he left : Wake Up..... Not just a scream but a call for the souls. Violante, and all Marco's friends thank all the artists, Gabriele for the mastering work, Matt for the precious work he done and Tristan Josse for the Graphic artworks. As Marco and Alfredo said: " There is no authority but yourself

the-natural-dub-cluster wake-up-compilation-odgprod

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10/06 - Festa in tenda w/ Warrior Charge - Mortegliano (UD)
18/06 - Circolo Dong w/ La Svolta Sound + Etrurian Sound System - Recanati
01/07 - PLAYNOT FESTIVAL - Notaresco (TE)
08/07 - Cellar Festival - Napoli (NA)
12/07 - TBA - FERMO
14/07 - RAGGAPIAVE - Conegliano (TV)
30/07 - IGNOPARK - Osimo (AN)
02/09 - CASA DELLA GRANCETTA - Senigallia (AN) (MC)

08/11 RELEASE PARTY @ La Cupa - Ancona (AN)
13/11 Cas*aupa - Udine (UD)
14/11 Trainstation Squat - Kranj [SLO]
15/11 Klub Attack - Zagreb [HR]
21/11 Marzolo Occupata - Padova (PD)
22/11 Arci Bolognesi - Ferrara (FE)
21/12 OnlyFuckingLabels @ SISMA - Macerata (MC)
25/12 Maremoto @ PalaNatale - San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
09/01 Loop - Osimo (AN)
28/01 Dalla Cira - Pesaro (PU)
07/02 Beat Cafè - San Salvo Marina (CH)
14/02 Dong - Recanati (MC)
20/02 Rework - Perugia (PG)
06/03 Cantiere San Bernardo - Pisa (PI)
07/03 Next Emerson w/ Lili Refrain - Firenze (FI)
13/03 Soul Kitchen - Fermo (FM)
21/03 Kokogena - Osimo (AN)
09/05 TNT - Jesi (AN)
22/05 Provincia Meccanica - Giuggianello (LE)
21/03 Ci piace Bob Marley 2015 - Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA)
29/05 Melodies Camp - Potenza Picena (MC)
05/06 Medi Terraneo - Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
13/06 Barracuda - Porto Potenza Picena (MC)
20/06 Energetica Festival - Piombino (LI)
03/07 Sei Day fest - Padova (PD)
17/07 Bianconiglio - Treviso (TV)
19/07 Seasplash Festival - Pula (CROATIA)
25/07 Circular Vision - Caserta (CS)
31/07 Acusmatiq Festival - Ancona (AN)
04/08 Girfalco - Fermo (FM)
28/08 Festa della birra - Mogliano (MC)
30/08 La Birroteca Rock - Crema (CR)
19/09 Ignopark - Osimo (AN)
12/11 Arterìa - Bologna
13/11 Etnoblog - Trieste
14/11 Magazzini Prensili - Feltre (BL)
12/12 Verve - Calcinelli (PU)
29/01 Historic Club 73 - Taranto (TA)
30/01 CSC Nuvola Rossa - Villa San Giovanni (RC)
05/02 Gratis Club - Senigallia (AN)
27/02 Kokogena - Osimo (AN)
18/03 - Circolo Arci Bolognesi w/ Braintheft - Ferrara (FE)
28/03 - Pasquetta Reggae - Pignataro Maggiore (CE)
02/04 - Corte dei miracoli - Siena (SI)
14/04 - Gala Hala - Ljubljana (SLO)
15/04 - Klub Attack - Zagreb (HR)
16/04 - DKC Incel - Banja Luka (BIH)
29/04 - Pulse Club w/ Warrior Charge - Ancona (AN)
13/05 - Cellar Theory - Napoli (NA)
14/05 - Absolut Cafè - Policoro (MT)


the natural dub cluster - in deep
[ Bloody sound fucktory / elastica records / alambic conspiracy ] - 2014

"In Deep" is the second full­lenght album of TNDC, out for BloodySound Fucktory and Alambic Conspiracy on the 3nd of November, 2014.

Exploring the boundaries of the dub music tradition, the Italian band comes out with a powerful synthesis of psychedelia and electronic elements. The final result is enhanced by the significant featurings of the Italian artists Lili Refrain and Uochi Toki, together with the wicked support of the producer Paolo Baldini.

The concept has been inspired by the work of the nihilist contemporary poet Andrea Palazzo, a Clusters' close friend, who died during the recording session. Trying to approach the inner deep dimensions of the human nature, the lyrics and the imaginary focus on a positive reaction as opposed to the negative era we are living.


In January 2009, after a long aural research, the Moscoloni brothers gave life to The Natural Dub Cluster aiming to create new electronic routes in dub music. A trade­mark of their live set is the sinergy with self­made visuals, thanks to the cooperation with Ike.
The whole quartet ratified the further intentions regarding their project by sharing the same roof as well as the same stage.

In April 2010 TNDC created “ Neg­entropy”, their debut album mixed and produced by Paolo Baldini's Alambic Conspiracy.

Throughout the years, the release has been followed by an intense live activity, compilations, radio spins and increasing positive feedbacks across Italy, USA, France and Germany.
New tracks have been released in the compilations “Italian Dub Community” ( 2010, 2011, 2012) and “ The Missing Dub Version” (ODG records).

Nowadays, after more than 130 shows, four French and Swiss tours, the time has come for the second chapter: in Autumn 2014, TNDC release "In Deep", a dark introspective approach to dub music.
The album is out on Bloody Sound Fucktory(a prominent Italian alt­rock label) and Alambic Conspiracy and digitally on Elastica Records.